Gabe McVarish (fiddle) grew up in North California, where his family settled after emigrating from Morar via British Columbia and Prince Edward Island on Canada’s East Coast.

Gabe arrived in Scotland at the age of 17 on a Fiddle scholarship with the legendary Aonghas Grant in Fort William. Deciding to stay in the area, he moved to Morar only to discover that it was the village his great-great-grandfather had departed for the New World. It remains the only MacVarish enclave in the country.

2010 saw the release of Gabe’s solo album Eclection a culmination of fiddle styles and repertoire from every side of both the Atlantic and the Irish Sea, and his love of the traditional music of the Celtic Diaspora shines throughout.

“California’s golden boy has recorded a solo album, and it’s 24 carat” Alex Monaghan

“a major force in the Celtic music world … awesome … truly outstanding arrangements, all excellently produced … should be compulsory listening, both as an example of individual expertise and of collective understanding of the essence of great music.” Gordon Potter, The Living Tradition

Interesting Fact:
Freshman year in highschool, Gabe placed in the top 10 in a slalom competition against Auburn for Davis High School team and got a plaque for ‘most improved’

Cooking, skiing, craft beer tasting, cross country mountain biking and mycology

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