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With this recording we wanted to gather together tunes that we have been playing since the early days of the band. The material here never made it onto previous albums because we couldn’t find a place for it, didn’t believe we were doing it justice or simply felt that the tunes were too commonly-played and overlooked them in favour of less well-known material.

With recent line-up changes we thought it would be a good time to go back to the beginning and document some of these classic session and dance tunes from our part of the world. The songs that Ellen brought to the band fit into this concept, and include a few ceilidh favourites, some old yet new to us. We’ve included many of the Gaelic names of the tunes here as they form an important connection between the past and the future of our music.

Our approach to the recording of this project was slightly different for us as well as being familiar territory. Instead of going to the studio we decided that these tunes should be played in the setting that we were most familiar with them …live! We played and recorded three intimate acoustic gigs on three different Hebridean Islands over six days. Why? Because we’re into stuff like that!


Delighted to be amongst very distinguished nominees in this year’s Scots Trad Awards. We’re up for Folk Band of the Year. Voting is open until the 20th November, have a look and support Scottish Traditional Music!
Go to http://projects.scottishcultureonline.com/scotstradmusicawards/voting/ and cast your vote


What an incredible six weeks we had on our first tour of the United States! We went coast to coast, from New York to California and played in lots of places in between. We’d like to thank everyone that played a part in getting us over from Pat Garrett at Real Good Music Agency to all the promoters and festivals that booked us and all the amazing volunteers that work (and party hard!!) behind the scenes. We’ll be back over in February and March 2016 with some shows around the country (details on the website soon). Can’t wait to do it all over again!


Dàin an Dàimh – Connected by Song

In the 15 years since Dàimh embarked on their musical voyage from Moidart to Mabouthey have gained a reputation for working with some of the Gaelic world’s finest and most unique singers. In addition to new vocalist Ellen MacDonald they are joined for this special concert by former full time comrades; Calum Alex MacMillan andGriogair Labhruidh, three of their all time favourite touring companions; Kathleen MacInnes, Margaret Stewart and Alasdair Codona plus guest vocalist from their first album, Skye’s own Anne Martin.